INDIEGOGO Site Launched

As principle shooting has wrapped and editing is in full swing, we’d like to bring your attention to our IndieGoGo page.  Remember: To date, this film has been self-funded, made possible by a team of dedicated friends and colleagues working for peanuts, if anything at all.

Remember, To tell this story, we need archival footage.  And it isn’t cheap.   Academics, journalists, and industry vets walk us through the history of festival culture and the defining moments that led to its current state.  Mardi Gras, the Big Band Dance-halls, Woodstock, Monterey Jazz, Newport Folk, Altamont, Lolla 1.0, Love Parade, Woodstock ’99.  We want to bring you into these worlds, and without funds to license archival footage and newsreel we’ll be forced to do a lot more “telling” than “showing.”