I'm Mike Raspatello, and I've been wanting to make this film for over 15 years. I was fortunate enough to become a part of the festival community as both a fan and a professional, meeting the promoters, artists, and fans that inspired me and supported me. I have been joined by an amazing team of music lovers and filmmakers. You may have seen their projects with Umphrey's, The Motet, North Coast, Spring Awakening, Lotus, SCI, EDC and more. 
 We came together with one goal: to make an engaging and honest film about music festivals. Just like you, we want this community to be shown in the proper light. With your help we're mere months from telling these stories and fulfilling our dream. Scroll down and look at the list of contributors to this project. Our team is large, our characters rich, and our aim ambitious. Please help us see this through!

To date, this film has been self-funded, made possible by a team of dedicated friends and colleagues working for peanuts, if anything at all. Principal photography has finished and we are currently in post-production.


The proceeds of the film will go back to the Chicago music community that made it a reality and the local charities they support.


Michael Raspatello, Michael Feferman, Brent Kado, Sarah Mueller, Marcel Morin, Tate Troelstrup, JB Schiess, Lucas King, Michael Berg, Max Wagner, Patrick Grumley, Ed Walsh, Jeffrey Callahan, Leif Moravy, Martin Godinez, Peter Szaflarski, James Richards IV, Jennifer Gaida, Tara Huelsebusch, Caeser Perez, Dan Raspatello, Jesse Borrell, Tobin Voggresser, Sean Brna, Christopher Schroeder, Elliot Bancel, Eric Deubal, Ian Fitch, Jake Chevalier, Kyle Michel, Caeser Perez, Gina Guido, Michael Downs, Christopher Schroeder, Ed Howey, Matt Young, Brant Hawkins, Sebastian Lama, Jayson DeLeon, Steven Pham, Colin Lenehan, Angela Cox, Zack Blum, Michael Mattina, Joshua Lustig, Sara Cushing, Yuma Amador, Carrie Graham, Stephanie McDonald, Karl Bloomberg, James Crespo, Trevor Rohn, Dominic Cimino, Dan Harris, Jessica Hardy, Justin Stetch & more.


Special Thanks to Shira Enbar for letting me spend WAY too much of our savings.